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Scent Notes:

Top: Pineapple

Middle: Bamboo, Spearmint

Bottom: Coconut Milk

Introducing Moana, a luxurious escape in a jar. Crafted by Wiks and Stone, this candle is a sensory journey that encapsulates the essence of a tropical Hawaiian paradise. Moana is more than a scent; it's a fragrant vacation from the everyday, offering a blend of prestige and relaxation.

At the heart of the Moana Candle, the top note of pineapple infuses your space with an immediate sense of freshness and tropical allure, conjuring visions of lush Hawaiian landscapes.

As the scent journey continues, middle notes of bamboo and spearmint create an airy, ozonic atmosphere, adding a spa-like touch to your surroundings.

In the base, coconut milk provides a smooth, luxurious foundation, ensuring that the fragrance lingers, just like the memory of a tranquil day on a Hawaiian beach.

Moana was named after our daughter's favorite movie, and it genuinely embodies the spirit of a tropical Hawaiian paradise. Illuminate your space with the Moana Candle and let the essence of luxury and escape fill your surroundings. Make every day feel like a tranquil island getaway with this prestigious scent today.

What's Included?

  • White Frosted Jar: 60 hour burn time, 2 wood wicks
Our Wiks & Stone clean/slow burning crackling wood wick candles are long lasting, also only made with premium oils. All candles are made in small batches for the best results!