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Market Street Candle
Market Street Candle

Market Street Candle


Scent Notes:

Top: Turmeric, Saffron

Middle: Oud

Bottom: Leaves

Wiks and Stone proudly presents our exquisite Market Street Candle, a fragrant masterpiece crafted with a unique blend of turmeric, oud, saffron, and leaves. This scent is a luxurious olfactory journey, reminiscent of an upscale boutique, exuding an irresistible touch of spice.

At the heart of the Market Street Candle, the top notes of turmeric and saffron create an immediate sense of warmth and opulence, encapsulating the essence of a high-end boutique.

As the scent journey continues, the middle note of oud adds a layer of sophistication and depth, evoking the feeling of elegance and exclusivity.

In the base, leaves provide a touch of natural freshness, rounding out the fragrance with a captivating contrast to the spice and luxury.

Market Street Candle is more than just a scent; it's a sensory experience that takes you on a journey through the finest boutiques, where luxury and style come to life. It's the perfect indulgence, and an ideal Mother's Day gift.

Illuminate your spaces with the Market Street Candle, and let the essence of luxury and spice fill your surroundings. Choose this captivating scent to experience the allure of a high-end boutique right in your home. Mesmerize your senses today. 

     What's the details?

    • White Frosted Jar: 60 hour burn time, 2 wood wicks

    All of our Wiks & Stone candles are hand made in small batches for the best results!