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Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer

Day Dreamer


Scent Notes:

Top: Berry

Middle: Cedar, Coconut

Bottom: Tonka Bean

Embark on a sensory journey with the enchanting Day Dreamer Candle. This fragrance is a delightful exploration of top notes of berry, a heart of cedar and coconut, and a base of tonka bean.

At its core, the top note of berry creates an immediate sense of sweet and fruity delight, reminiscent of a luscious berry orchard.

As the scent journey continues, the heart of the fragrance features the harmonious combination of cedar and coconut, providing an ambiance of coastal serenity and forested tranquility.

In the base, tonka bean adds a touch of warmth and depth, ensuring that the fragrance lingers, creating an atmosphere of dreamy escape and relaxation.

Illuminate your space with the Day Dreamer Candle and immerse yourself in the essence of a tranquil coastal forest with a hint of berry sweetness. Choose this fragrance to create an ambiance that embodies the fruity delight of berries, the soothing aura of cedar and coconut, and the comforting allure of tonka bean. Make every day feel like a delightful daydream with the Day Dreamer Candle.

What's Included?

  • White Frosted Jar : 60 hour burn time, 2 wood wicks

All of our Wiks & Stone candles are hand made in small batches for the best results!